A girl with uncommonly large ears is bullied at school, but finds solace in her friendship with a crow in the woods.


Co-Writer / Director

Shot in Northern California in the Redwoods, this film deals with the topic of bullying by bringing the audience on a cinematic journey through the stunning visuals, music and sound.


This award-winning film is making its 2020-2021 festival rounds.

                 Best Actress



     Best Short Film 

      Best Director 

      Best Writing 

       Best Actress 


22-Austin After Dark Film Festival-Fall
15-Austin After Dark Film Festival-Fall


 Dances With Films

  Los Angeles 2020



     Honourable Mention

      10th Cinefantasy 

 International Film Festival


International Finalist



Writer / Director

An American widower forms a deep connection with an Indian immigrant but their budding romance is made complicated when her family in India makes a life decision for her.

          The Dance 

 Best Shorts Competition 2013                             

               The Dance 

        Women and Minorities in

          Media Festival 2014