Jacintha Charles is a Singaporean Indian Filmmaker and Actress based in San Francisco, California.

She started her career as an actress in Singapore with the 1997 beloved hit feature film 'Army Daze'. What followed were smaller and insignificant roles on television at which point she decided to take a break from acting to work behind the scenes as a Producer instead. 


Her move to the U.S. offered more opportunities for auditions and projects however, she also fell in love with creating, writing and visualizing stories for the screen. Her motivation was further re-enforced when she realized from her experiences in Singapore to now in the U.S., the roles for women and minorities or people of colour, were limited or stereotyped - where their strengths and choices were downplayed or seen as flaws. She decided to head to film school to develop her craft as a filmmaker and change that narrative. Jacintha has been fortunate enough to have her works funded by the Singapore Film Commission and have screened her films at several film festivals. Her recent short film, The Gift is currently making its 2020-2021 festival rounds. 

As a filmmaker, her journey is to constantly learn, be open and evolve. Her goal is to share stories of the underrepresented, include diversity in front of and behind the camera and champion and encourage others like her to tell stories of their own. 


She is currently in pre-production for her follow-up proof-of-concept short film called Madhavi, a story touching on domestic violence. She has also just completed working on a feature script, SINGAPURA, which is inspired by the 1964 Race Riots in Singapore. She is member of SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Women Directors.